Buyers Tips


If You commit to my services I will look for your Dream Home on a Daily Basis. Agents who do not have your written commitment will spend time with you only until they get a committed buyer. At that point you will fall behind in their schedule and miss great deals. It does not cost you a penny to find your agent when purchasing a property, so call me! As an Appreciation for your business I will cover some of your Legal Costs at the Closing, and also you will be eligible for other rewards!

Did you know that majority of “HOT” properties are being sold within the listing brokerage office before they appear on public MLS system, or immediately after they are listed? There are many Buyers (just like You) who want to buy properties below the market value. That is another reason You want me to be Your committed Real Estate Salesperson who will ensure you do not miss these opportunities.

After you make a decision to purchase a property and define your criteria I will start informing you on the prospects that match all or most of your needs. The fastest, most convenient and effective way to do it is by setting up an automatic email system inform you on NEW LISTINGS (listed the same day) on the market which met your criteria. If You are not computer savvy, I will contact You by phone or will come in person to discuss the properties you might want to see and purchase.

Once We find a home you can see yourself living in, We will sit together and prepare an offer which will protect your best interests. Before presenting an offer I will inform You about the history of the property (previous selling price, days on the market, motivation of the seller, etc.) and advise on the process of presenting it to the Seller. This is extremely important step in the process of purchase and should not be taken as granted. Real Estate Agents either present an offer to the Seller in person, or they fax it to the Listing Brokerage. I INSIST on Your PERSONAL APPEARANCE at the time of Offer Presentation. Be sure that this approach will make significant impact and all the difference with the offer and price negotiation.

Once they conditionally purchase the property, Buyers request inspection for it. The truth is, You can also pre-inspect the property and the knowledge You gain from the qualified home inspector can put you into the driving seat at the negotiation process. This is always true when you deal with the “HOT” property which has “multiple” offers on the table.

I would like to offer you mortgage/financing assistance you will need in order to close the purchase of your new home. There are many mortgage programs various financial organizations are offering to property buyers.Before You go into your own bank and sign the mortgage I advise you to contact me and learn about other possibilities such as: 97% financing for newcomers to Canada, 100% financing, benefits of variable mortgage, and so on.

In order to close the real estate transaction you must pay various costs which in real estate we call closing costs. These usually include but are not limited to: property taxes, Land Transfer tax, registration of the title, discharge of mortgage (if any), and title insurance. If you live in Toronto you might have to pay NEW Toronto Tax as well. Cities of Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and some others are excluded from this tax. Please contact me to learn more about the closing costs and don’t forget I WILL PAY some of them for You!