Sellers Tips


I am NOT interested in Listing Your Home. I do not want to impress you with fancy marketing presentations, or tricky promises. My goal is to work hard and offer you numerous services which will SELL YOUR HOME FOR THE TOP DOLLAR VALUE. I am going to INVEST in Selling your property. The following list of my services will provide you with maximum exposure to the greatest number of qualified buyers for your home

As a Seller, you are responsible to pay commission to your Real Estate Representative (Listing Agent) and Real Estate Salesperson who represents interests of your buyer (Buyer’s Agent). My GOAL is to MINIMIZE your commission to me, your Listing Agent, and advise on MLS strategies which will ensure your property stands out and attracts Buyers and their Real Estate Agents.Your Selling Equation should always be: Listing Agent = Home on MLS = Most Realtors = Most Buyers = Most Money.

The Real Estate Book for your area is FREE and can be obtained at Major Banks, Malls, Plazas, Bus Stops and Streets. It is fully colored and small enough Buyers can check every single property listed in the matter of minutes. It is printed every for weeks throughout the year. I GUARANTEE Your Property Advertisement 24/7 for the LENGTH of the LISTING CONTRACT.

Internet is the fastest growing property search tool for the Buyers. As Your Listing Agent I fully realize the importance of your property on-line presence. My personal web site is professionally designed, yet full of useful information for your buyers. It is the site they spend time at. In order to maximize your Internet exposure I’ve also signed the agreement with GOOGLE, the search engine that lists my web site every time buyers search for the property in your area.

I will advertise your property on all popular social networking web sites such as Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Craigslist and others. These sites have hundreds of thousand clicks per day. I GUARANTEE YOUR PROPERTY EXPOSURE for the LENGTH of the LISTING CONTRACT

My goal is to SELL your property, that is why I make sure I cover all the marketing angles when it comes to advertising your home for sale. One of the first thing to do after listing your property is to inform all the brokers and real estate offices in your neighborhood about your listing and about the benefits we offer them (their commission) in return for their services. I personally check your competition, homes listed nearby, and advise you on marketing/listing strategy which will favor your home and allow for quick and successful sale. Statistic shows that less than 1% of all listed properties sell at the public open house. However, I personally sold several properties at my public open houses and I strongly advertise this selling feature. Bringing my own buyer to you is a WIN-WIN situation. While I am entitled for some commission at the Buyer’s end, YOUR SAVINGS on the TOTAL COMMISSION is usually significant.

First Impression is Everything. You will NOT get second chance to make your home shine in front of Buyer’s eyes.Sellers unnecessarily loose thousand of dollars by ignoring this fact. My expertise in graphics, and interior design allow me to help you professionally stage the property and prepare it for the sale for the top dollar value. Please contact me directly to obtain the list of things you need to check on and do before putting your home on the market. The newer generations of Buyers are getting comfortable and picky. They are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars more for the new, or move-in, fully renovated home than to spend time they do not have renovating it themselves. Before you decide to list your property I strongly advise you call me and get my discounted estimates for any renovation if necessary. Make no mistake, the return on your investment will be HUGE.

What is your property worth today? The EQUITY in your Property is like any other Investment - it needs to be monitored. Homeowners should have their Equity evaluated at least once a year. Now might be the perfect time...Contact me directly or go to the Home Page and Scroll Down to Free Evaluation segment. Fill the form and you will receive your report within 24 Hours. It is FREE, WITH NO OBLIGATION!